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6 Things Down Syndrome Parents Wish You Would Stop Saying

4. You better not have any more kids.

Evidently, having a special needs child means you need to hold up on having more kids. Because, you know, kids with Down syndrome can end up being such a burden that you won't be able to handle more kids.

In the real world though, there's often next to no difference in how you raise a child with Down syndrome versus how you raise a "regular" kid. Challenges exist but can be overcome, and day-to-day, they're not even noticeable. Parents may or may not want more children, but saying that their existing child is so difficult to handle that siblings should be out of the question amounts to another insult.

Also, people who have siblings with Down syndrome aren't resentful of the ungodly burden they have in their disabled brother or sister. Over 90% of people who have a sibling with Down syndrome say they are a better person because of that sibling. So just look at it as our way of making the world a better place... one sibling at a time.