6 Things Down Syndrome Parents Wish You Would Stop Saying

5. Babies with Down syndrome are just angels!

After getting a diagnosis and sharing it with the world, parents inevitably hear this, or something similar -- people with Down syndrome are so loving, or they're always happy! -- because people want to find something positive to say. And people who aren't familiar with Down syndrome believe it a lot of the time. They believe that people with Down syndrome are just little balls of love and sunshine and happiness, and they never get angry or sad or upset.

Apparently, only "normal" people experience the full range of emotions.

While people with Down syndrome are pretty dang awesome, they're still people. They are happy sometimes, yes. And sometimes they get sad, or frustrated, or angry, or stubborn, or mean. They aren't perfect little people who exist to smile and make us all feel better about ourselves. They're people. Babies with Down syndrome cry, kids with Down syndrome throw temper tantrums, and adults with Down syndrome aren't always happy.