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7 Principles That Will Guarantee Constant Misery

2) Isolate yourself.

People are flighty, they go away, they let you down. Sure, they also lift you up, make you feel connected, and give you someone to share the ups and downs with, but forget about all of that and focus on the bad side of other human beings. Have a nice time with someone and then make sure you're unavailable for two months so they don’t get any funny ideas. If they're insistent about trying to be a bigger part of your life, just give them the cold shoulder until they give up. Also, make sure not to reach out and  bring anyone new into your life. If you do make that effort, give up the first time everything doesn't go perfectly. That's one of the most frightening definitions of hell I've ever heard -- cut off, alone forever without the hope of ever experiencing love or human warmth again. On the one hand, that's not as scary as being tortured forever, but on the other hand, you can experience it right here on earth and many people willingly choose to do so.

Sad dog