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The Nuts on Doomsday Preppers Wouldn't Last a Week

Braxton Southwick, wife Kara, and their six kids outside of Salt Lake City are prepping for a biological terror attack, specifically smallpox. Well, Braxton is prepping; his family just seems to humor his eccentricity. Braxton describes smallpox as "the most beautiful biological weapon there is." I'm hoping it was merely the editing that made it sound as creepy as it did.

The last naturally occurring case of smallpox was in 1977, and it was declared eradicated by the World Health Organization in 1979. There are only two known samples, in the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta and in its Russian counterpart. Nonetheless, Braxton plans to bug out to a cabin in the mountains if an outbreak occurs. What the show never explains is how Braxton, a mechanic, will figure out a if smallpox attack occurs before the authorities can lock down his city and block his family's egress to their mountain cabin.

Bizarrely, despite the seemingly major flaws in each of their plans, the consulting experts on the show have scored each of these preppers with a methodology of their own devising that suggests they'd last months to a year or longer after their disaster d'jour strikes. Do I buy that? Not for a second, though I do give the Southwick family a chance of making it past the first week, by which point Big Al will have self-buried in a carbon monoxide-filled bunker and young Beacham will have choked to death on a meal made from his traveling companions.

I can hardly wait until next week, where we can see what fresh insanity the Preppers strike upon next.


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