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Politicizing Ourselves to Death: Is the Culture War Over?

Another problem, the fear mongering and political intimidation, will also continue in the coming years. It is the so-called cultural progressives who scare women, homosexuals, teachers, environmentalists, and minorities into thinking that they have no say in society and someone must rise to fight for them against a malevolent 1%. This conspiracy theory derives from a pre-constructed reality sold as truth with intent to frighten. French philosopher and post-structuralist Jean Baudrillard wrote about the lack of reality in his 1981 study Simulacra and Simulation:

The real is produced from miniaturized cells, matrices, and memory banks, models of control – and it can be reproduced an indefinite number of times from these. It no longer needs to be rational, because it no longer measures itself against either an ideal or negative instance. It is no longer anything but operational. In fact, it is no longer really the real, because no imaginary envelops it anymore. It is hyperreal, produced from a radiating synthesis of combinatory models in a hyperspace without atmosphere.

This is where our media and culture have us positioned. At this point, it would be smart not to support any group or candidate that exploits certain people for political gain because it is all used for purposes of control and veiled as support in subjective terms like “equality” or “fairness.” Equality for whom? Fairness according to what? This tactic can be viewed as simulacra brought on by pseudo-events. In this postmodern digital age, truth is subjective and whoever has the most appealing truth, not the actual truth, rules the day.