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TUESDAY NEW RELEASES: Aerosmith Goes Multi-Dimensional, Third Day Prays for a Miracle

PJ Lifestyle: Ultimate Holiday Gifts

Teroforma Whiskey Stones

For those who enjoy sipping whiskey, these stones chill your favorite spirit without diluting its flavor. Say “I’ll have my whiskey on the rocks!” and really mean it. These won’t ice down your drink – rather, they allow room-temperature spirits to breathe, releasing additional flavors while taking some edge off the ethanol aroma. Talk about a perfect stocking stuffer!

GoPro HD HERO2: Motorsports Edition

This feat of engineering – wearable, head-mountable, waterproof to 60 meters, and featuring a 170 degree wide angle lens – allows even an amateur sports photographer to capture sharp, professional images, without taking a second away from the action. Every athletic YouTuber will want one of these under the tree. As a bonus, it’s hard to argue with a product with this much potential selling at under $250!

Sony BDP-S590 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi

With a price so low even Amazon won’t advertise it openly, this is the ultimate in home theater Blu-Ray technology. If you’ve already got the HD capability and have considered going 3D, this should put you over the edge. With integrated Wi-Fi for streaming television and movies, you can easily tap into your home’s existing wireless network while streaming 3D in full 1080p HD.

Think the cost of 3D HDTV technology outruns your budget? Think again … we have your back here on finding good deals at PJ Lifestyle. Complete your home theater with this:

VIZIO E3D320VX 32-Inch Class Theater 3D LCD HDTV with Internet Apps

From Amazon: “Bring that intense 3D movie experience home with VIZIO's polarized Theater 3D. You'll enjoy the same crystal-clear, flicker-free 3D you get in the theater, with similar lightweight glasses that are comfortable and significantly more affordable than the heavier, powered active shutter 3D glasses used with other systems. Two free pairs of glasses are included, so you can launch your Theater 3D experience right out of the box.”

- - - - -

With this TV and the 3D Blu-Ray player above, all you’ll still need for the ultimate holiday celebration: the movies! On the next page, we feature exactly that: all the multi-dimensional movies you’ll ever need. Simply sit back, pop some corn and pour your favorite holiday drink – we’ll bring the action!