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5 Reasons Why This Pagan Won't Vote for Barack Obama

Self-reliance is the fourth reason I won't vote Democrat. I believe that a man must be unshackled from the fetters of dependence to achieve his full, divine potential. That doesn't mean I don't believe in charity; I give to charity when I can. It doesn't mean I don't think people should help each other. But I believe a person shouldn't have to decide between dependence on others or death. Government cannot guarantee your welfare as the disaster in the Northeast currently proves, but liberals demand people give up the ability to provide for themselves in return for creature comforts that evaporate like smoke before the mirrors that reflect the light of a welfare state.

New York City long fought a war against "foraging" in the parks, at one point arresting "Wildman" Steve Brill for eating a dandelion in Central Park. How wicked that all seems now that there are people unable to get food and water in the disaster area. How sad it it seems to see people diving into dumpsters for food a mere two days after a storm. How detestable it is to watch young, healthy people demand and receive assistance from the government whose resources should be used to help the elderly, injured, and infirm.

I watched a video of a woman begging for a generator because she would freeze without electricity. No one, it seems, has ever survived the winter in NYC without not only a roof over their head but also reliable power. While reading an article about New Yorkers starving, I saw a picture of a beach covered in fish, clams, seaweed and other edibles rotting in the sun while being feasted on by edible if not particularly tasty seagulls. Worse, the Democrat voting public of Queens, happy to curtail the Second Amendment rights of their neighbors, are asking for firearms to be delivered to fight off looters, laws they voted for be damned!

All this when people were warned a week in advance and many of the "suffering" live a mere 20 blocks from sections of NYC where there is power. I walked 20 blocks to work when I lived in the Bronx — it's about a mile.

Is this what people are meant to be? Can we in good conscience continue to produce people so dependent on First World convenience that they will freeze to death rather than start a fire or starve before collecting food? Liberalism did this to those suffering people and I will not support it.