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5 Reasons Why This Pagan Won't Vote for Barack Obama

That leads me to my third reason: I believe in objective morality. Some things are right and some things are wrong. Liberals seem to always find a way of siding with what is wrong and punishing what is right. Every Halloween we see liberals howl about the indignity of sex offenders — rapists, child molesters, and other degenerates who have committed serious crimes — being banned from handing out candy. They have fought against sex offender registries from their inception, as if a single mother going out on a date doesn't have the right to easy access to a public record to make sure her date won't endanger her children. When I hired a summer camp staff for a YMCA, we required applicants to get finger printed to ensure they weren't criminals. About 25 percent of the applicants never followed through, most likely because they were in fact criminals. But there are liberals who object to the idea that we protect children from criminals.

When he was a state senator, Barack Obama was the sole senator to not vote for a bill that would protect rape victims from having the details of their victimization released publicly. Some would include that in the supposed "war on women," but for me it's just another example of how immoral the Left is.

Morality shouldn't be a political issue, but it is. The Left rejects the very basic foundation of morals — that we treat each other with respect, that we don't take what isn't ours, that we don't inflict ourselves on others — and replaces that foundation with decisive, petty groupthink that assumes decent people are oppressing criminals and crime victims are no more victimized than the criminals they believe are forced by society into a life of crime. We see the result of this in the violent flash mobs that terrorize our cities, in the threats of rioting by Obama supporters if he doesn't win the election, and in the looting that happens after disasters as we see in New York right now. My faith leads me to believe that those forces that undercut morality cannot be allowed to maintain political, social, or cultural power in our nation.