The 'Me' in Social Media: The ONLY Online Etiquette Rule You'll Ever Need

How many press releases, invitations, and announcements have you received that left out THE most important detail, like the address of the event, or even the date?

Even seasoned publicists make this gaffe.

They've temporarily forgotten to step outside their own heads and think like their intended audience.

Likewise with social media.

The biggest, most embarrassing mistakes occur when you forget the basics, and lose sight of mundane details because you're caught up in big-picture excitement.

Did you really mean to "Reply All" to that email? Did you use "CC" instead of "BCC"?

Did you send out that rude tweet using your personal Twitter, or -- ooops! -- your corporate one, or worse, your client's?

(I've done all that, and not that long ago, either.)

Yes, there is a lot of intentional nastiness on the internet, but some of that negative, depressing white noise is really a product of accidental human error.