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The Cult That Plans to Kill You

She told the truth about Islamic jihad and its unchanged determination to annihilate Western civilization. She presented evidence with no calculation of personal liability or that of the politicians responsible.

Our way of life is under attack. As a reporter doing investigative work, I chose this subject because I can’t stand that there is a major lie being propagated about the real situation. I don’t care who is in power. I don’t care who’s behind it. Take your family to Arlington National Cemetery and look at the fresh graves. Those graves are dug by al-Qaeda, the Pakistani Government, the Taliban, Haqqani, by all those people who want to destroy the United States, the West and our way of life.

Logan may lose the moth-fodder we call success. Once-open doors will close for her. Every person she knows is obliged now to stand with her or “turn back and walk with her no more for this saying is hard and who can hear it?”

How ironic that the pathetic talking-point belched by the media-herd of scribbling minions is:

Logan ignores that true journalists never make themselves the story.

I try to think of a journalist who has had less concern for self. Explaining her professional philosophy, detailing the methodology employed to select the story, and giving free-rein to her emotions, Logan paradoxically shifted the entire focus from herself to the report’s implications. Contextualizing this geo-political conflict within a personal pursuit for meaningful, useful information highlighted the buried truth about jihad and the significance of objective truth itself.

In nineteen minutes, she indicted the culture of self-serving relativism we know as journalism and reminded millions that objective truth matters. Much of reality lies beyond opinion, is independent of our desires, doesn't care who speaks for it, and refuses to attenuate its own uncomfortable consequences.