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Gravity Doesn't 'Card': Cyber Bullys and the Laws of the Universe

Am I "blaming the victim"?

The fact is, "blame" doesn't apply to cause and effect and other immutable, impersonal laws of the universe.

Here are the facts:

As Todd said herself in her now-famous video "cry for help," her fatal downward spiral began in Grade 7, when she "would go with friends on webcam."

Viewers called her "beautiful, stunning, perfect."


"They wanted me to flash. So I did one year later."

Had Amanda never flashed her breasts on the Internet, is it likely she might still be alive today?

I can hear detractors now. I'm an old fogey. Kids these days live their lives online, and they all do stuff like that.

And why not? That's how Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian became millionaires many times over.

Besides, parents can't watch over their kids 24/7, right? Don't I have any compassion?

Do you mean tossing cheap carnations onto the "makeshft" memorial piled high with teddy bears and balloons, mourning a stranger you've never met, and getting (as the Sex Pistols sang) "a cheap holiday on other people's misery."

Because that's what passes for "compassion" these days.

You know I'm right: millions of people out there live for the deaths of all the Amandas (and Princess Dianas and Michael Jacksons).

They get a creepy thrill out of knowing they're still alive while someone else is dead, especially a lovely young lady who died before her time.

In a society of godless people who've purged religion from the public square, everybody's yawning "God shaped hole" has to get filled up somehow.

Hence the idolatrous "worship" at sidewalk "altars," and the cheap grace acquired from hitting "Like" on a Facebook "tribute" page.

If that's compassion, I'm not compassionate.