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5 Deep Insights Gained from Watching Hoarders

2) So many of our troubles are caused by our own lack of persistency and consistency.

If we set aside the mental illness that hoarders have, what makes their situation so difficult to deal with? After all, cleaning isn't tough. Literally BILLIONS of people across the planet will successfully do some sort of small cleaning task in their home today. So, why is it hard for hoarders? Because we're talking about people who haven't cleaned for years, if not decades. Eventually, a simple task that could be done in a few minutes each day turns into an arduous task that will take hundreds or even thousands of man hours to complete.

Much of life is like that. In fact, as the old saying goes, "It’s likely that whatever challenges you have faced in your life currently could have been avoided by some better decisions upstream." Time and time again, we create problems for ourselves either by doing dumb things that we know are dumb or by refusing to do the right thing when we know better. We do this again and again and create oceans that we have to swim out of that once were puddles we could have stepped over. What "hoard" are you creating in your life today with your inaction and what are you going to do to "clean it up" before it gets out of control?