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7 Lies Women Need to Stop Telling Themselves

4. He is so going to regret this!

So you've just been dumped. Aside from crying nonstop about how heartbroken you are, what is the first thing you vow to yourself and your girlfriends?

That's right. You create this little fantasy in your head about how weeks or months later, he'll realize how empty and meaningless his life is without you. You, of course, will be happily living your life, all fabulous and single, and he'll beg you to take him back. It's a scenario straight out of a movie. And the reality of it happening is slim to none.

Look, if the guy liked you, he wouldn't have dumped you. And if he dumped you, then clearly he didn't have feelings for you. If he didn't have feelings for you, then on what planet would it make sense for him to then sit around pining for you? He's going to move on and find some other girl to take your place. So instead of swearing to yourself about how you're the best thing that's ever happened to him, and he's going to regret this forever and ever and ever, why not try just moving on with your life?