Mugged and Ann Coulter Derangement Syndrome, Part 2

We're often informed that Ann Coulter's public image (supposedly) prevents many people from actually reading her columns and books.

If so, then surely the fault is with those closed-minded liberal idiots, not Coulter.

(These are the same geniuses who've turned "Rush Limbaugh" into a convenient curse word but will, when pressed, usually have the decency to admit that they've never listened to his show. The worst of them have the indecency to brag about it.)

Then we have those conservative snobs who complain that our side has too many polemicists already; that the troops occasionally need to be educated, not just entertained.

Both groups miss the point.

Coulter's consistent placement on the bestseller lists proves that thousands of people do read her books, many of whom might have remained otherwise ignorant of conservative philosophy and long-buried historical facts.

Come on: Do we honestly expect the average 21st century American to curl up with Russell Kirk for an evening? I'm not stupid, but dutifully making it to the last page of The Conservative Mind -- in the early days of my conversion -- gave me a new appreciation for the Frozen Chosin.

Arguing with all these Coulter-haters is futile, however, because their reaction to her is visceral, not logical.