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5 Life Advantages You Acquire from Experiencing Poverty

2) Having been poor really helps you appreciate NOT being poor.

To this day, I still remember walking through a furniture store in Myrtle Beach, looking at a huge, carved, exotic looking stone bench that cost $2000 and thinking, "I could BUY THAT if I wanted." Did I buy it? No. Should I have bought it? No. But just knowing that I had the option to be able to buy it felt really good. A small, simple thing like that gave me a feeling of accomplishment and security. My brother has told me he had the exact same feeling about being able to buy a set of tires for his car without having to pay them off over a few months’ time.

Could it be any other way? After all, how can you really appreciate being full if you've never been hungry? How can you ever appreciate being happy if you've never been sad? How can you ever appreciate having money in your wallet if you've never been down to lint in your pocket?

Afford it