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The Other in Literature, Life, and Politics

This makes us The Other because in many fields from entertainment to education, from art to government, people have never been exposed to anyone like us. Or rather, they have but they don’t know it, as no one is willing to commit career suicide by uncloaking and revealing beliefs that aren’t exactly like the group’s.

So in blog after blog, we would get trolls coming in who would yell at us for being homophobic (even when the main blogger is GAY,) for being racist, and, more importantly for having all this … I’d like to say “outdated fifties morality” but it’s not even that, it’s outdated fifties morality as seen by Saturday Night Live.

As any culture which has frozen and ossified and become incapable of seeing the contradictions in themselves, Liberals view Republicans part as they might have been sometime, maybe, in the twenties, and part as a chimera – something that never was.

We’re supposed to be robber barons twirling our mustaches (I’m going to wax tomorrow, swear to G-d) while we kick widows and orphans out into the cold, AND incredibly pious and “moral” hypocrites, who talk about what is natural and unnatural and wax mealy-mouthed about white superiority. Oh, we’re also supposed to work overtime to keep minorities down, even when we are minorities, because… I don’t know. It’s inherent in us, evil people that we are.

Guys, I have a lot of socially conservative, evangelical friends and even they never expressed any disgust at women using tampons. In fact, the most social conservative thing I ever saw relating to tampons was the note in some of the bigger models in Portugal that this might pierce your hymen. And even then (in the '70s) in a culture more socially conservative than the US, we laughed at it.

But that’s all the liberals HAVE. All they have to defend themselves against the horrible vision of a government that doesn’t control all of society (well, it must be horrible in their eyes, right?) and every individual from birth to death, is this boogeyman creature, this “Other” waved like a threat, like the barbarians at the gates.

Thus did the ancient Romans speak of the people beyond the Pillars of Hercules. Thus did medieval Europe imagine the inhabitants of the interior of Africa. Thus did the Chinese speak of everyone outside their sphere.

The liberals have made us The Other because if they found out we were human their entire vision of the world would shatter.

Meanwhile, while doing so, they strut and pose, and talk about how their ancestors were ignorant and fearful and phobic of The Other.

If civilization survives this, future students of literature and history will laugh themselves sick over the irony.


Shutterstock image courtesy OLJ Studio

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