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The Judge Dredd Guide to Parenting

I am the law.

As a parent, you are the law.

You set the rules, not the child.

The rules are not put in place just because you like setting up rules. They are there for a purpose. It might be to keep the child safe from harm, like the standard "Don't run with scissors." It might be to teach your child good manners, like saying "please" and "thank you."

When you set a rule, expect your child to ask, "Why?"

While you could easily say, "Because I am the law," it's better to explain why you want them to follow the rule.

You don't run with scissors because you could trip and fall on them. You say "please" because in a civil society we ask for things rather than demand them.

If they understand why it exists, there's a better chance they'll follow it.

But when they don't, there's another role you must take on.