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Why This Election Year America Is Carmela Soprano

Barack Obama's 20-year Relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright Morally Disqualifies Him From Holding the Presidency and Reveals Everything One Needs to Know About His Character. The Same Tolerance Obama Showed for Wright's Antisemitism and Anti-American Conspiracism Shows Up Again In His Administration's Embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Today everyone right of center continues to scramble to figure out what can be said to wake up the potentially persuadable independents, centrists, and open-minded Democrats to the reality that four more years of Obama would devastate America's economy and the cause of a freer, more peaceful world. Some think it's a matter of bucking the stereotype of conservatives as reactionary neanderthals. If Romney and the Right just say things in a polite way and explain our policy proposals then more people will see the light. Others hope that some new undiscovered fact from Obama's background could emerge and thus reveal his Marxist plot to such a degree that no one could deny it. College transcripts? Unrevealed Tony Rezko Chicago criminality? Fast and Furious? George Obama? Spin the wheel and pick something and see if it sticks.

But could any argument against Obama be more damaging than what Hillary Clinton already had at her disposal during the Democratic primary?

I don't expect the Romney campaign to try this -- they probably shouldn't -- but when talking with my confused friends and family who don't understand why my Obama enthusiasm has gone so far in the opposite direction, it's come down to stating it like this:

Barack Obama's deep, 20-year mentorship with Jeremiah Wright -- compounded by his lies that he was unaware of his pastor's radicalism and antisemitism -- reveals that Barack Obama is an evil person.

The world is not divided between evil people and good people -- or "Left" and "Right." The important division transcends politics: there are those who recognize the evil in their own heart, and those who do not. Whether someone learns how to control their animal nature and become a less evil person has everything to do with what god they worship. Is the god you worship one of love or hate? For 20 years Barack Obama saw nothing wrong with worshiping the god of black liberation theology, as preached by Wright. That means that for 20 years Barack Obama was not reading the Bible to hear about how he was a weak, frail human being in need of God's grace. He was not investigating his own character flaws and trying to become a better person. He was hearing the Bible perverted through the theological framework of self-described "angry black man" James Cone.

Yes or no: If a man chooses a racist, antisemitic conspiracy theorist (who tells his church that the United States manufactured AIDS to exterminate black people) as his spiritual mentor, can he still be regarded as a good person? When he launches this conspiracy theorist into the national political debate by making one of his sermons the title of his second book and the slogan of his campaign, can he still be regarded as a good person?

Carmela Soprano: He's a good man. He's a good father.

For Carmela, accepting that she had married an evil person was just the first step on to the realization that actually mattered: her life was in danger.

That's what it comes down to, the same as every election: who will protect America?

How can our nation be defended against the evil of an ascendant Muslim Brotherhood by a president incapable of recognizing the evil of the pastor he chose to baptize his own children?


Via Roger Kimball this morning, Pat Condell has "A Word to Rioting Muslims":


Quotable Obama video courtesy @TheYoungCons.

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