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5 Things Men Do that Secretly Annoy Women

Manscaping Too Much

There's no woman alive who doesn't want her man to look his best. A certain amount of grooming is expected. But the trend over the past few years seems to be taking the concept of manscaping a bit too far. Spray tans, plucking your eyebrows, waxing your chest, carefully styling your hair... who is the girl in this relationship again?

Maybe it's because you're just copying what you see celebrities do. After all, that's the kind of guy we're drooling over, right? But there's a slight problem with that. Those primped, plucked, and prettied-up men in magazines are nice to look at. But no woman wants her guy to actually act like that. When you are more concerned with your appearance than we are, there's a serious problem. Plus, guess who we want the pretty one in the relationship to be? That's right: us. The problem with dating Brad Pitt or Robert Pattinson is that we'd always know that they're prettier than we are. And that just doesn't fly. Lastly, what happened to men looking like men? Sure, we don't want you to look like one of the GEICO cavemen. But having a little chest hair, looking a little rugged... it's very sexy indeed. So groom away, fellas. Just don't turn into one of the Chippendales dancers.