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Vaccine Protests and the Return of Whooping Cough

Finally, there is the possibility that there has been a genetic change in the organism, Bordetella pertussis, that allows it to evade the protective effects of immunization. The evidence on this, says the editorial, is contradictory; studies in the Netherlands and Australia suggest this might be so, another in Denmark suggests that it is not.

The editorial does not discuss variation in the rate of vaccination of children as a possible explanation of the increase in incidence because 94 percent of children in America are immunized, enough to provide herd immunity, that is to say the kind of immunity that arises when a sufficiently large proportion of the population is immune and makes it difficult for the disease to spread.

There is no problem that a lawsuit will not solve, however. Here is what I found on one law firm’s website:

Do you qualify for a lawsuit from DPT vaccine damages? Please complete our no obligation, free consultation form.   Lawyers familiar with DPT vaccines and DPT vaccine experts are standing by to assist you.

A real comfort. Doctors don’t know, but lawyers do.


Image courtesy shutterstock / Zsolt, Biczó

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