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Self-Pay Vs. Insurance

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a dental procedure with an oral surgeon; I had to pay the entire bill out of pocket as it is not covered by insurance. Though I did have to do some waiting while they worked me in, they were kind, cheerful and extremely competent and concerned about my well-being. After I got home, my dentist and surgeon sent me some beautiful flowers to help with my recovery. The whole experience was so much better than I thought it would be. That is rare to say for any doctor's visit I have gone to over the years. More often than not, there is waiting, a brisk appointment with a harried doctor or nurse and more waiting while the staff looks at you like you are a leper. The other patients look depressed, angry and sick or just pathetic while you wonder how and why you are such a sicko yourself.

I cringe when I think about ObamaCare and how much worse it will get and I just pray that my health holds up long enough to escape sitting through what will probably be hours in an anonymous setting full of too many people needing too much care and filling out too much paperwork. Or worse, being denied even the "privilege" of sitting through such hell. I hope that with ObamaCare there will come more practices signing up for concierge service where self-pay will buy a better standard of care. But is that really the answer? Maybe it is, but then the care becomes even more divided,  just like my dermatologist's office where the self-pay people have one type of care and those with insurance another. Wasn't ObamaCare supposed to bring us equality?


Image created courtesy photo via shutterstock /  Cheryl Casey

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