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Shoes, Sheetrock, and the Skipper: 3 Surprising Things That Make a Man Sexy


Ever since Dr. Sheldon -- and, some would argue, Plato -- male body types have fallen into three categories: ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph.

So on Gilligan’s Island, Gilligan is the ectomorph, the Skipper is the endomorph, and the Professor (beneath that unconvincing veneer of nerdiness) is the mesomorph.

(Mr. Howell’s body type is “old and rich.”)

Yes, I've scolded some of you recently for being fat. But body type is not about weight (which you can change) but about your skeletal structure (which you can't).

A smart man works with his inherent physique, partly through appropriate fitness regimes and partly through wise clothing selection. (See "style," above.)

I've had four male friends in the last month complain to me that they are "fat." Three of them are not (and this is me talking).

They are just what the old Sears catalogs used to call "husky" -- that is, non-obese endomorphs.

I'm not sure which movie stars they are comparing themselves to, but I worry that there's a "manorexia" trend brewing. The last time I saw photos of Seth Rogen and Drew Carey, I honestly thought they had cancer.

Same goes for John Goodman.

Know why Roseanne was really so popular back in the day? Because millions of straight women (and gay men) thought of it as The John Goodman Show.

Goodman was a (literally) huge crush object because his character's weight was overshadowed by his humor, his seemingly effortless physical grace in spite of his size, and his unabashed passion for his family.

Every morning, Dan Conner went off to a job he didn't particularly love, because it was his duty. Yet he managed to make even "duty" kinda hot.

Which leads us to...