The 7 Most Overrated Blockbuster Movies of the Last 20 Years

4) Twilight

2008: Worldwide Gross -- $392,616,625

Believe it or not, Twilight is the story of an incredibly boring, yet SPARKLY, 100-year-old vampire who starts dating a high school girl, creepily obsesses over her, and goes back and forth between wanting to date her and murder her. In other words, not only do they have an incredibly unhealthy relationship that's portrayed as good and normal by the film, but the movie actually manages to make vampires dull. Who wants to be a vampire who plays baseball, doesn't drink blood, and spends 80 years doing geometry homework over and over again? How tedious! Combine that with the fact that the "acting" in this slow-moving film mostly consists of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson making wooden brooding expressions at each other and you have a worldwide phenomenon that was launched on a romance novel that's so unsophisticated that it's two steps away from being a coloring book.

Twilight vs. blade