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Classic Rock and Cheap Wine - RNC Edition

More remarkable is the fact there were only nine songs on this album -- nine songs that changed music forever, influencing generations of musicians and inventing a rock genre now known as “heavy metal.”

At 13 years of age this album injected itself into my blood stream, which resulted in a Led Zeppelin addiction that has never left my system.

For the sake of brevity I will not obsess about how my enduring love for Led Zep has manifested itself throughout my life, but I cannot resist a few short tales.

Most important of these was the role Led Zeppelin played in convincing the man who is now my husband to ask for my hand in marriage.

It turned out the youngest teenaged son of the gentleman I was dating was not too keen on me as his potential step-mother and this (I found out later) was a roadblock stalling a marriage proposal.

However, it was during a family vacation when young son and I bonded after discovering we shared a strong appreciation for Led Zeppelin. As a result, he gave his dad the green light to proceed and we have all lived happily-ever-after.

Then there are the tribute bands…..

A few years later, still bonding with my youngest stepson over Led Zeppelin, I heard about a female tribute band called Lez Zeppelin playing at a local venue in Northern Virginia.

This is a band I have now seen twice and highly recommend because these “Lez” girls really capture the energy and spirit of the original boys. Looking over the very young crowd in attendance one could imagine that some of their parents were conceived while “Led 1” was spinning on the turntable!

And these grandparents were out in force when I saw another tribute band called Get The Led Out which bills itself as the “American Led Zeppelin.”

They put on a terrific show but the audience itself was a total downer, accompanied as they were by an arsenal of walkers, canes and wheelchairs.

Further proof that aging baby boomers had indeed aged and not well I might add.

Just like Robert Plant himself!

For recent photos indicate the "Rock God" of my youth has become a scraggly haired, deeply wrinkled mortal, who, along with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, now occupies a place in the “Rock Stars Who Aged Really Badly” Hall of Fame.

This depressing topic has me reaching for a corkscrew to open a 2010 bottle of Kendall-Jackson Pinot Noir. Now I can mellow out and try to forget the image of all those Medicare beneficiaries leaning on their walkers and canes wearing their original faded Led Zeppelin concert t-shirts.