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The Dark Knight of the Sowell

Actually, Shapiro may be onto something, that's certainly how I felt upon leaving the theater. (And I deliberately tried to avoid as many reviews as possible so as not to ruin the plot for me). Though who knows how much of that was intended by the filmmakers? It wouldn't be the first time where two diverse audience segments are each watching their own movie.

But for those who looking for conservative themes buried in the film, I'd also add (as with Shapiro's review, don't click these links if you haven't seen the film yet) these two links, which dovetail remarkably well with the subtext of the film's twist ending.

* OK, other than its blatant violation of the Scott Evil rule when the baddie has the drop on the good guy, as Kyle Smith notes.


Cr0ss-Posted from EdDriscoll.Com

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