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5 Things Women Do That Secretly Annoy Men

3) Then there's the whole toilet seat thing.

The average man could not care less whether the toilet seat is up or down. It means nothing to him, and if women simply said, "The toilet seat is down for me all the time and I'm not used to it being up! I would be SOOOOOOO grateful if you left it down when you finished. In fact, let me strip down and show you how grateful I am...." Hold on, thinking....still thinking. Ah, that was great.

Anyway, women wouldn't have to go quite that far, although it wouldn't hurt, and there would never be a problem over the toilet seat. Instead, we get, "The toilet seat is always supposed to be down! You left it up! You're doing it wrong!" Well, no, that's not "wrong." There is no arbitrarily correct way to leave the toilet seat and it's no more trouble for a woman to put it down than it is for a man. If you want the toilet seat down, just ask nicely and then be patient until we can form a habit.