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Roger's Do-It-Yourself Bourbon and More

Now about bourbon. It's an American booze and since I get more patriotic all the time, I started to make my own. Okay, I'm exaggerating. My wife gifted me a year or so ago with some bourbon mash (white dog or white lightening) from the Woodinville Whiskey Co. It came with a small oak barrel which you prepared by filling with water. (I used bottled.) After leaving that in for a bit to prepare the barrel, you pour it out and fill the barrel with the bourbon mash. Then you just let it sit there for as long as you like, sampling a tiny amount as it goes and watching the white dog go caramel. I aged it for five months before pouring the now quite smooth bourbon back into it's original bottle. Mighty good.

Problem is, there is only about one-sixth as much of the aged bourbon as there was in its raw form. (Woodinville had said to expect some decrease, but not this much.) Oh, well. I'm going to write them for some more to see if I can get this right.


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