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The Male Birth Control Pill Arrives

via Possible Man-Whore Pill Would Make Testicles More Forgetful at Jezebel:

Yet another ship has (a little by accident) sailed into the largely uncharted waters of male birth control pills, having discovered that a drug being developed for cancer treatment might actually make testicles temporarily "forget" how to produce sperm. This latest breakthrough in the burgeoning field of sperm obfuscation comes on the heels of news in May that a Scottish research team had pinpointed a gene necessary for sperm production, a breakthrough that opened the imaginarium of hormone-free male contraception.

The latest discovery in the quest for the male pill comes by way of Dr. James Bradner from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, who believes that he and his team may have alighted on a way to trick the testicles into shutting down sperm production without any discernible side effects. What's more, the treatment would be completely reversible.


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