Why an Evil Jew in Act of Valor?

Still, it was unfortunate, not to say stupid, to include the scene. I'm not interested in racial "sensitivity" in art, but I can't believe Jewish funding of Islamic terror is representative of reality any more than the occasional crime by a US soldier is representative of the military (as it is made to seem in such ugly films as In The Valley of Elah and Redaction). In a world in which the anti-semitic Tsarist forgery Protocols of the Elders of Zion can be purchased in many bookstores in the Islamic world, and where "anti Zionism" forms a respectable mask for the oldest hatred in western universities and churches, a little care in these matters would not go amiss.

So — my verdict is that this is a good action film with stirring patriotism, but the filmmakers definitely made a bad choice which could easily be misinterpreted by viewers of good will.

I'd love to hear someone involved in the film speak about this.


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