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When Does Religion Become Illegal?

Make no mistake. These are revolutionary proposals, as revolutionary as Robespierre's short-lived attempt to replace French Christianity with a new "Cult of the Supreme Being," or the Bolsheviks' effort to ban religion altogether, or the Nazis' campaign to introduce "Aryan Christianity." The vehemence and thoroughness of the campaign against religious practice bespeak a world in which our lives will be scientifically engineered by a benign and all-encompassing state.

Raising children, the Left believes, is too important to leave to families. The Left believes that the patriarchal family is the root of all evil. (I'm not exaggerating. I come from the Left. The witches' brew of Freud and Marx and Frankfurt School and identity studies that the Left imbibes at our universities center on the evils inherent in the patriarchal family.)

And family structure is weakening of its own accord in a culture that makes personal gratification the highest good.

Household Size Shrinks in the United States

America used to be a land of families; increasingly we are a country of singles and elderly living alone in tiny cubicles. The natural constituency for religion -- the traditional family -- is weakening. Fifty-one percent of births to women aged 20 to 30 occur out of wedlock. If individuals abandon family responsibilities, they will fall to the state by default. It's not surprising that the true believers in a utopian state believe that their moment has come and that it is time to toss the remnants of traditional society into the dust-bin of history.


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