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The Sex Bots Have Arrived

In A.D.D., Rushkoff -- like other science fiction authors -- creates his own form of slang, much of it inspired by new media and web culture. The word "dekh," used by the book's protagonist above, is the most important idea of the book, of the same significance (and comparable meaning) to "grok" in Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land. To "dekh" something is to perceive the hidden patterns and biases programmed within a piece of media. When you "dekh" something, you are seeing the mechanisms that are being used to trick you. The strings on the puppet. The Great Wizard of Oz is really just an old man playing with smoke and mirrors.

So in the case of we Millennials and our immersion in a culture of Baby Boomer-fueled, post-60s, mainstreamed sex and pornography, what is it that we have dekhed and what will the backlash be as these new bizarre sex-simulators develop into full-blown digital, virtual sex?