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The 5 Most Politically Incorrect Ideas Smuggled into The Dark Knight Rises

2. Batman is a capitalist hero.

Like Henry Ford or John D. Rockefeller (or Iron Man, whose last film earned an unusually high 50% of its take domestically), Batman is the capitalist who doesn’t apologize for being superior to other men. In Europe, where the road to riches is paved with bureaucratic landmines and hard work has always carried an air of the unseemly, aristocrats like Bruce Wayne aspire merely to potter around in “the civil service” or spend the family fortune. Batman is an apostle of creative destruction who keeps forging ahead with the new — not a fairness freak who obsesses over how to divide up the existing. Christian Bale won the role because of his delightful turn as a hilarious parody of a heartless investment banker in the wicked black comedy American Psycho, and in playing Bruce Wayne he carried over much of that heedless all-American swagger.