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The 5 Most Politically Incorrect Ideas Smuggled into The Dark Knight Rises

4. "TDKR" is an indictment of the collectivists, lately known as Occupy.

The director of the current series of Batman films, Christopher Nolan, is cheeky about showing us where Wall Street bashing would go if it were led by a psychotic hulk in a mask instead of a feckless horde of weedy environmental justice majors. When one trader tells Bane that there’s no money at the stock exchange to steal, he replies, as an OWS protester would, “Then why are you here?”

Nolan has the Bane-iacs spoof the Reign of Terror to illustrate the necessary link between upending the class system and violence. Even Alec Baldwin won't give up his property voluntarily. Meanwhile, the jewel thief Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) warns Batman that his system of haves and have-nots is headed for the ash heap of history, presenting herself as a crusader for the underclass who is helping to even out unfair wealth distribution. Batman, meet Robin (Hood). Only Batman can restore the old order, in which the cleverest and most able, like Bruce Wayne, are entitled to live in mansions.