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What Kristen Stewart's Betrayal Means for Robert Pattinson

In that decade of debauchery, those betrayed and hardened men have their sexual behavior reinforced by the slew of willing women who tolerate being used as sex toys and then discarded. (That's the sexual experience we women typically get. We are supposed to like it.) If a woman naively assumed the relationship was exclusive then this time he does the betraying -- and depending on his logic skills, he might see a bit of justice in it. From his perspective, he can stay “safe” in his shell, get laid whenever he wants, and not have to deal with the emotional scars a woman has after being betrayed and repeatedly used as a sex toy. Why would he bother with a relationship? As Whiskey commented in my last post, “a run-to-fat, many partners woman in her thirties is less attractive than an online porn collection, to be brutally honest.” It is that.

So young men become cold and hard sex seeking missiles.

Then, around her late 20s, the independent modern woman starts to realize that she wants a husband and family. She wonders, "Where did all the good men go?" Since modern culture is often beholden to what they think women want, since the women are ready, we expect the men to be ready. Since the typical 30-year-old is no catch, we tend to blame the men, which probably reinforces both the cold and the hard. To be clear here, I do not contend that individual women are to blame for cold and hard men. I contend that the things we teach women about life result in cold and hard men. In this case, the young and naive Stewart is less culpable than the the women who advocated for and created modern cultural norms that so mislead young women. The Steinems and Friedans, et al. have much to answer for.

For illustration, take the wronged Mr. Pattinson. By most accounts, at 26 he is the wonderful guy who would make a great husband and father -- and he’s hot and rich to boot. He will be alright because women will throw themselves at him, right? That is not the way to bet.