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Defensive Medicine Kills

The president's signature legislation ignores defensive medicine. We are not only wasting up to 25% of a 2 trillion dollar industry, we may actually be harming ourselves at the same time.

At what point is it not worth it for a doctor to be a doctor? A recent survey found that 83% of physicians said that they would strongly consider retiring from the practice of medicine if Obamacare was fully implemented.  More studies show that a large percentage of physicians would not choose our current profession if we had the ability to do it all over again. If the goal of the administration is to destroy health care and lower it to the most common denominator, it's doing a good job!

As I have called for in other articles, it is time to implement the "English System," or the loser-pay system. It may not be perfect, but it's simple and easy to implement. It does not take away the God-given right of Americans to sue. And it doesn't take away the right of trial lawyers to continue to run ads telling you that you may be entitled to compensation f you've had an erection for longer than four hours.


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