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Kristen Stewart's Hard Fall: Cheating on Boyfriend Robert Pattinson with a Married Man

I have been a fan of Kristen Stewart in large part because she seemed resistant to peer pressure, and I thought that she might have enough self-confidence to resist popular folly. Apparently not, and that worries me. Either she is not as strong as I thought -- certainly possible, though her level of awareness of the magnitude of her mistake suggests otherwise -- or the bad advice to young women is more prevalent and more seductive.

Standing as a reed against a windstorm, a bit of experienced advice for young women: if a wonderful relationship comes along at 22, don't blow it up because you aren't supposed to be ready. If you aren't ready, fine. If he's not ready, if he's not right, fine. But don't throw away something good simply because your 20s are supposed to be about you. That is the start of a very lonely trail. Go read the testaments of 35-year-old women. Almost invariably, they have one that got away. The "I'm not ready freak out" is why.

Update: More from Leslie on this story: What Kristen Stewart’s Betrayal Means for Robert Pattinson


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