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Kristen Stewart's Hard Fall: Cheating on Boyfriend Robert Pattinson with a Married Man

In this case, Stewart's colossal mistake was the "I'm too young to settle down" freak-out. By most accounts, Stewart, 22, has had only two boyfriends. She's been with Pattinson for about three years. They live together. Rumor has it they've been talking about marriage and children. I can guarantee that she has women she trusts telling her that she needs to do more before she settles down. That she has already done more in her career and traveled more around the world than most women ever do doesn't matter. "You are only 22.  You're too young to settle down," is what the little devil on her shoulder whispers during conversations about commitment or when she feels a connection with an older and supposedly wiser man. Thus, the freak-out.

By the time a woman is out of her 20s, she has seen the freak-out often. It takes many forms: a sudden breakup, a party binge, a fling -- or three. Mixing the party binge with flings is particularly explosive -- a drunk woman putting out signals that she wants a good time.  The lucky women are those who end up merely embarrassed. Stewart went the fling route.