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The Shroud of Turin: The Mystery that Science and Technology Will Someday Solve

Some important questions about the Shroud that remain unanswered are:

Q. What force caused the man's image on the cloth to be imprinted?

A. The latest theory from a 2012 study was that radiation was released in the form of an electrical discharge.

Q. What was the substance used to form the imprint of the man?

A. Scientists are in agreement that no paints, pigments, dyes, or stains have been discovered that could have made the image of that battered man. Furthermore, the substance forming the image sits on top and does not penetrate the cloth.  This amazing finding only adds to the mystery.

Q. Why are the marks on the man totally consistent with the biblical account of the wounds suffered by Jesus Christ?  

A.  This is well-documented but still a mystery.

Q. Why is the human blood found on the cloth separate from the unknown material that forms the man’s image?

A. Scientists have discovered that the blood found on the cloth was there before the man's image was imprinted.

Q. Why are the weaving and pollen found on the Shroud consistent with the type of cloth weaving and pollen dating back to the time of Jesus in the area around Jerusalem?

A. New studies point to this exciting fact leaving more clues as to the date of the cloth.

Q. How did the cloth survive numerous fires and wars over the centuries?

A. The history of the Shroud is marked with many close calls of potential destruction. For example, a fire in 1532 was responsible for the most extensive burn marks visible along both sides of the Shroud.

Q. Is the Shroud real?

A.  The question for the ages for which there is still no answer.