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That's Not Funny: The 5 Biggest Comedy Taboos

By now, you've probably endured so many reports about last week's "Daniel Tosh made a rape joke and a woman got mad then everybody argued about it" story that you're dying to to just curl up in a hot shower and have a good long cry.

I figured we'd heard the last of it when Louis CK granted Tosh absolution.

Alas, the Pope of Comedy proved fallible in this case.

At Jezebel.com, a not-entirely-hopeless post called "How To Make a Rape Joke" has logged 1500 comments and counting. And that's just one of the many online discussions about the incident.

Leftists are trying to use the Daniel Tosh Rape Joke Experience as a "teachable moment." They've been attempting for a while now to make the phrase "rape culture" the new "thing," and are gonna give it one last drunken college frat boy try.

The Left is determined to force us to swallow this whole "rape culture" crap, dammit.

Just like they've been trying to get comedians to drop race jokes and handicapped jokes since the 1980s.

This battle -- which has all the elements of a thrilling cause: sex, death, violence, race, liberty -- has, against all odds, become excruciatingly boring, because it has reached a perpetual stalemate. It's like lingering death overtime.

Comics continue to offend, offended weenies continue to declare their offended-ness, comics apologize (or don't), and next week or next month another comedy controversy springs up like a weed.

(See, "Carolla, Adam")

Here are today's (other) top comedy taboos, according to me...

(NOTE: Severe LANGUAGE WARNING applies to every video below.)