Living the 'Crunchy-Con' Lifestyle

I headed to a pilates class today, for example, and I sometimes go to a yoga class where many of the students and the teacher embrace a passive, vegetarian lifestyle. The parking lot where I shop afterwards is often full of bumper stickers calling for Obama to be re-elected or to "Give Peace a Chance." Me? I am more of the peace through superior firepower type. I cringe when I see a vegan or vegetarian smug with some type of moral reasoning that borders on the pathological giving someone grief about eating meat. Yet I frequent vegetarian restaurants (like the one I plan to go to tonight) that feature tofu as a main course. Yeah, I know, tofu probably causes breast cancer and men probably shouldn't eat it, but I actually like it. Why does vegetarianism have to be a political statement? Can't one just like vegetables once in a while without being inundated with leftist politics?