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5 Ways Parents Can Transform Their Wild Boys into Mature Men

5. Replace His Sense of Entitlement with an Opportunity. 

They say the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.

The boy was a hard worker -- earning money was never the problem. It was why he earned it that began to alarm his mother.

He seemed to be compelled to always want the latest and greatest toy, the newest video game, and the next coolest thing. At first, his mother dismissed her uneasiness, assuring herself that he has a right to spend his own money on the things he wants. After all, she was proud of her hard-working boy.

Shouldn’t he reward himself with the fruits of his labor?

At first glance, perhaps you would agree. But his mother looked a little deeper. Her concern came when she began to see the appetite he was developing.

If this trend continued, then one day her son would be a husband and perhaps a father who takes more pride in the toys he acquires than providing for his family.

Worried her son would grow up and become a man whose time, energy, and wealth are lost on amassing expensive “toys,” she decided to redirect him.

What the boy needed more than anything Wal-Mart had to offer was something to care about more than his own selfish desires.

Together, they began researching orphanages. They found World Vision International and searched for a boy with the same birthday and the same interest in soccer. They found one.

Zachary discovered even he could really help someone else. He saw that he could make a real difference in the life of another child just like him. What he would have spent on plastic he could use to change a life, discovering a new kind of thrill.

Zachary learned at the age of 10 that money could do far more than buy bigger toys.