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Cowboys and Indians and Honesty

This is not to pick on Basso, who no doubt has examples at hand. But I do notice that with cowboys and Indians, as with men and women, the usual, generally leftist, attacks on old-time Hollywood simply don't hold up. Hollywood Indians of the '40s and '50s were often portrayed as flawed humans under attack from other humans, equally flawed. Likewise, while feminists always complain that women in old films are either bad girls or good wives, I'd be willing to bet there are more hard-driving, high-powered career women in '40s and '50s films than there actually were in the '40s and '50s.

Compare this to films today, where "noble savages" are typically the victims of demonic white invaders and women are almost nothing like real women, but either ridiculously powerful warriors or unbelievably happy sluts.

Political correctness poisons everything it touches with dishonesty. But perhaps the honest ways of '40s and '50s American films have come to an end like the ways of the Apache!

Cross-posted from Klavan on the Culture