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Democrats Mourn ObamaCare Verdict

“We now regret sitting by while our own Democratic president, through executive orders and ObamaCare, increased federal authority to such a degree that, come January, we will no longer live in a country where we are free to be ourselves, love whom we choose, and live our lives the way we want as long as we are not hurting anyone else, which is the essence of our great nation. We only wanted to knock a few rich heads together and get some free stuff. Our bad!” said Mike Weederson, spokesman for Media Matters.

Frank Brinkman, from the Human Rights Campaign, the largest national gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender advocacy organization, said he was “fine with spy drones secretly flying over the homes of Americans” until he realized it will be “gay-hating religious nut cases” at the controls.

The fear and suspicion keep mounting. MoveOn.org claims to have heard from a source in the upper echelons of the Republican Party that there is already a plan underway to charge a $1,000,000 tax on all gay marriages and to apply it retroactively since the Constitution no longer applies to lawmaking, thereby putting many gay and lesbians in jail within the year for getting married in the first place unpaid taxes. Other possible items up for taxation by a Republican majority are things like abortions, not going to church, not helping your kids with their homework, simply being gay, fornicating, being a Democrat, divorcing, living together in sin, being Muslim, a so called “mainstream media” tax, short skirts, and worse.

A Republican Party spokesman, Barry Goodfellow, said on Saturday “nonsense,” but no one believes it.

Many Democrat civil rights organizations are banding together to call for a constitutional amendment limiting the taxation powers of government such that they could no longer manipulate people and markets with the tax code, and could certainly never tax a person for NOT doing something the government wants them to do, but the fate of such legislation seems uncertain.


Sunny Lohmann is a regular humor columnist for PJ Media and PJ Lifestyle. Her political satire videos have gotten a lot of attention in the blogosphere. Find out more about Sunny by checking out her blog, House of Sunny, follow her on Facebook here, and enjoy her most recent Youtube videos here. She tweets @sunnylikeaboss.