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Democrats Mourn ObamaCare Verdict

Some are crying conspiracy, since the swing voter Chief Justice Roberts is a conservative and appears to have changed his vote. Some think he was “gotten to” by the Republican National Committee or a cabal of Beck and Limbaugh fans, pushing a sinister plan to allow the Religious Right to take over the country. As Roberts is an appointee of the much-maligned President Bush, it may very well be true. It may simply be a case of a conservative judge being an activist from the bench, and trying to grant a totalitarian government to the incoming Religious Right, knowing they are only months away from taking over.

The sweeping new tax powers now available to a future Republican-led federal government are frightening in their scope. Since the federal government can now make anything illegal, including NOT doing something they want you to do, Democrats are outraged by the potential trampling of their liberties. Retail stores are reportedly seeing a nationwide spike in sales of Don’t Tread on Me flags, and this time the purchasers are lifelong Democrats and SEIU members.

A totalitarian government seemed all fine and dandy as long as it only required people to buy health care, recycle, not build on swamps, not drink too much soda, not get married, not cut down any trees, not put a grocery store there, not be Fox News, buy a Chevy Volt, buy a house, not use paper bags, not use plastic bags, go to college, have some kids, contribute to certain unions, have some more kids, wear your seatbelt, not save money, spend money -- especially on electric cars or student loans, carpool, take public transportation, not drink raw milk, not eat fresh eggs, and give lots of money to other people, etc.. But it is another matter if you want to ban gay marriage and abortion. Oops.

MoveOn.org and Media Matters Offered Statements.