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6 Reasons People Love Zombie Flicks

2) You can have that cool stuff you've always wanted. Even if you're not materialistic, you still have to admit that there are some really cool toys in the world -- picturesque mansions, exotic cars, opulent yachts, submarines, and 10,000-bottle wine cellars! Who wouldn't like to drive a tank through a wall or bunk down in a house with a bathroom so big you could shoot hoops in it?

Well, after the zombie apocalypse, all the people who owned that nifty stuff are going to be dead and their toys are just going to be waiting there for you to grab. Then, once you're done, you can hop in whatever car you want and swing by the mall, the gun store, and Wal-Mart to loot anything else your heart desires. No cashiers, no police, no store owners -- just everything you can carry with no consequences whatsoever as long as you can dodge zombies in the process.

zombie killing car