4 Signs a Sexual Predator Could Be in Your Child's Life

2. Is Your Child Sexually “Advanced”? 

It’s one of those phone calls you don’t want to make. Cindy struggled to muster up the courage to tell her best friend. It was hard for her to even think about it, let alone say the words out loud.

But she had no choice.

Cindy had walked in on her seven-year-old little boy and her friend’s son. They were not playing trucks as she expected. Instead, they were engaged in oral sex.

Completely horrified, she yelled at both boys, separated them, and then went and called her best friend to come over right away.

Would you dismiss the incident as a simple case of childhood curiosity?

The predator wants the child to accept sex as normal. Casual sex and an interest in pornography are not normal in children. A child with an unusual knowledge of sex or one who talks of it casually may have been abused by an adult.