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4 Signs a Sexual Predator Could Be in Your Child's Life

4. Does Your Child Have a New Guardian Angel?

 The Washington Post:

“Victim 4” took the stand and told his story. He was devastatingly credible. He spoke frankly, graphically. It was a brave performance, prefiguring the courage of the other seven victims who came forward later. When he was at his most vulnerable as a boy, lacking a father figure, Sandusky had swooped in like a guardian angel, only to reveal himself, gradually, as a fiend.

Jerry Sandusky was no Clarence the angel but he mastered the role -- as most child sex offenders do. The classic ploy of the predatory pedophile is to “swoop in” to rescue children from unstable and single parent homes.

According to USAToday.com, Sandusky lavished extravagant gifts on his victims. Records say that he gave one boy of 11 trips to professional and college football games, a computer, clothes, and even cash.

Obviously, not all child molesters have such resources. Nonetheless, lavishing his intended victims with gifts is part of the seduction process.

Adults with a genuine interest in children want to bring them up to their level, not sink down to the child’s level of maturity. They teach them to use adult tools, not play children’s games.

It's important to note this too-good-to-be-true friendship can aim at you just as easily. Gaining your trust is the ultimate goal.

By befriending the parents first, and eagerly offering to babysit, run the child to sporting events, etc., the predator gains easy access to the child with the added bonus of the parents' blessing -- and even gratitude! At this phase of the process, your child may not be the primary target, but the prize.

One mother of a Sandusky victim illustrated this as she testified through tears. With heart-wrenching regret, she told of how she insisted amid protests that her son spend time with the villain because he needed a father figure.

She missed this crucial sign...