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'That's the Ultimate Race, Poor People': In Praise of Adam Carolla's Brutal Honesty

Before hitting his stride in comedy, Carolla worked plenty of jobs: ditch digging, boxing instructor, "comedy traffic school" instructor (?), carpet cleaning and a uniquely Californian gig: earthquake rehab. That is, reinforcing shabby public housing so it won't collapse the next time that old San Andreas Fault acts up.

Recently, Carolla ran into a fellow he'd worked with on earthquake rehab jobs. He writes:

He didn't remember me being there but said, "I remember that job. I did it in between courses in college during summer."

I said, "You know how I remember who you are? I gave you your first tool bag [that is, a construction worker's tool belt.]" (...)

After a little reminiscing he said, "You were friends with Jeff, the racist guy, were you?"

I said, "I knew Jeff. He was a nice guy. I didn't know he was a racist."

I should clarify at this point in the story that Chipper is a black guy.