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'That's the Ultimate Race, Poor People': In Praise of Adam Carolla's Brutal Honesty

Carolla's hotly-anticipated follow up book, Not Taco Bell Material, is his second New York Times bestseller.

Here, he tells more R-rated stories of his rags-to-riches life, this time arranged thematically around the many homes he's lived in, from the borderline hovels of his white-trash North Hollywood childhood to the million-dollar mansions he built himself (literally -- he's a former carpenter) after he made the showbiz big time.

While reading my (pre-ordered, of course!) Not Taco Bell Material in hardcover, I half wished I'd purchased the audiobook. Hearing these stories in Carolla's own "nasally drone" adds to the experience.

That's really my only gripe. Like his previous book, Carolla's new one is a refreshing, old-fashioned Valentine to the rewards of hard work and discipline.

With some fist fighting & fart-lighting thrown in.