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On Atari's 40th Birthday: The 10 Greatest Atari 2600 Games

7. Asteroids. Another coin-op hit that was built to take advantage of the low resolution graphics of which computers were then capable, by using vectors and polygons to give the illusion of definition. The home version instead turned the sharp arcade version's lines into candy-colored rocks. But it was essentially the same game with the same basic tactic: Try not to leave the center of the screen or you're dead. This was the first game in which the lack of save capability became a serious problem.

6. Pac-Man. Compared to the arcade version, the 2600 version looked and sounded terrible. The dot eating sounded like a bad impression of a goose honk. The graphics were comically blocky. The mazes and monsters looked nothing like the game we had all blown piles of quarters mastering in the arcade. But Pac-Man helped establish the crossover between the arcade and the home console, which would drive gaming for years to come.